Sam with Integrity Stone

Welcome to my site! Here you will see the various aspects of the medicine that I embody in the world and find information about the multiple delivery systems through which I bring my particular medicine into the world. I hope that you will discover something here that inspires you, reignites your hope, expands your thinking, and helps you to feel more connected. I am a cultural worker who comes together with individuals and groups utilizing numerous tools—such as music, movement, storytelling, academic research, nature, community, principles of quantum physics, social justice activism, kindness, intuition, and listening—to create healing and transformation for the highest good of all beings. I am passionate about initiating societal revolution through evolution of human consciousness. I want us to be living in our best possible existence, both individually and collectively, and I have some ideas about how to get there. If you would like to learn more, please take a moment to enter your email address so I can notify you when I’m hosting events or have posted writings that you might find interesting.

My Guiding Principles

1. The world as it is currently structured is unbalanced, unjust, and needs healing and progressive social change.

2. Those who are most privileged in the current global structure are actually the most sick and in need of change.

3. What is most needed in the world is right relationship, that is, forms of relating that embody principles of balance, harmony, and oneness—with ourselves, with one another, and with our natural environment.

4. Living in a culture rooted in separateness and competition, most of us are alienated—from ourselves, from our creativity and passion, from our bodies, from our natural environment, and from one another.

5. What we have been taught in western culture about happiness, success, and power is inadequate and dangerous and in fact leads us away from happiness, success, and real power.

6. Both our attention and intention are important ways of focusing our energy; bringing more consciousness and greater skill to how we use these makes us more effective change makers.

7. A new paradigm for social change is called for that acknowledges our interconnectedness and draws upon the healing power of love, empathy, and forgiveness, replacing metaphors of warfare and struggle that have predominated in activist strategizing.