Ecstatic Dance

What is ecstatic dance?

Ecstatic dance is meditation in motion, an inner journey created by you to a soundtrack of pulsating global rhythms and inspiring melodies.  You will be blindfolded so there’s no way to do it wrong!  Ecstatic dance is a safe container in which to explore any aspect of yourself, to become more grounded in your body, more relaxed and peaceful overall, and to move towards wholeness, empowerment, and freedom!  Come experience the transformative power of music in a new way! 

Have fun!

We are witnessing the birth of a New Era.  We come together to say YES to a new potential for humanity.  We are all needed right now to activate this personal and collective awakening.  Together, let’s wrap Gaia in a blanket of love as we anchor in the new energies and EVOLVE!!

Do what Snakes do

Come celebrate with us and dance in the New Era!

What previous participants have said: 

“It was awesome!  I felt the benefits immediately and felt very tranquil after.  Your directorship was very easy to follow and I felt very unafraid to express myself.  The music you used was AMAZING!  I loved the way it flowed from one flavor to the next, and finding the direction that it wanted to take my body.  I felt very moved by the end, tears of gratitude and joy.”

Don't hold back!  


“It was like I had an awareness that others were there but that my journey was also separate. I felt connected but still very ‘unique’ in my own expression.”

Get wild

Please bring a water bottle and join us for this unique experience!

Appropriate for all ages and bodily abilities

If you are enjoying these oracle cards, check out the website of the spiritual teacher who ordained me, Lynn Woodland, to learn about their origins and how to use them: