Other Speaking Engagements

“Eating My Words: A Transsexual Feminist Exploration of Embodiment,” Transforming Gender Symposium, Boulder, CO. March 2013

The Body Project Interdisciplinary Conference Keynote, University of Missouri. April 2010

“Living Outside the Gender Binary: Health Concerns and Disparities for Transgender and Intersex People,” Colorado Women’s College, University of Denver. April 2013

“Healthy Masculinities,” Conversations at the Cottage for Denim Days, CU Boulder, April 2015

“Fe(men)ism:The Role of Men in Feminism,” Dennis Small Cultural Center, CU Boulder, March 2015

“Challenges in Being Transgendered,” William Woods University, Fulton, MO. Oct. 2009.

“Being Transgendered,” for Sexual Health Advocacy and Service Learning training, Professor Heather Eastman-Mueller, University of Missouri. Oct. 2009.

“South African Women Struggling with HIV/AIDS: How They Are Impacted and What They Are Doing About It,” William Woods University, Fulton, MO. March 2009.

“Fat Girls, Trans Guys, and Issues of Embodiment in Feminism,” co-presented with Shelda Eggers, Dept of Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Missouri, April 2009

“Race, Gender, and Poverty: HIV/AIDS in South Africa,” co-presented with Sara Hollie, MacArthur Program, University of Minnesota, March 2004

“How Women’s Studies Lost Its Way and How It Can Regain Its Heart,” National Women’s Studies Association, Oakland, CA. Nov. 2012

“Questioning Conventional Transgender Narratives,” Transgender Awareness Week, LGBTQ Resource Center, University of Missouri, Nov. 2009

“The Struggle for Sexual Equality in South Africa,” Macalester College, St. Paul, MN. Oct. 2007.

“AIDS Treatment Access Politics in Historical Perspective,” Institute for Social Development, University of the Western Cape, South Africa. Sept. 2007.

“Introduction to Shamanism,” The Center, Denver, CO. Aug. 2012

“Trans 101,” Harmony Chorale, Denver, CO. Aug. 2012

“Coming Out, Leaving the Tribe, and Living Beyond the Binary,” Columbine Unitarian Universalist Church, Denver, CO. June 2012

June 2010 Talk Back Panel for “Changing Skins: Folktales about Gender, Identity, and Humanity,” Milbre Burch performer, Columbia College, Columbia, MO.

“Spirituality and Activism in Changing Times,” sermon co-presented with Rev Angela Galik, Unitarian Universalist Community Church, Kalamazoo, MI. Aug. 2009

“South Africa Today,” Kathy Beitz’s 7th grade social studies class, Hankey School, Mission Viejo, CA. Dec. 2007

“Shared Transition: Issues for Transexuals and Their Loved Ones,” co-presented with Angela Galik, Do It Yourself Conference, Columbia, MO. April 2007

“AIDS Treatment Access in South Africa,” panel discussion on film “State of Denial” sponsored by Human Rights Watch and the Human Rights Program, University of Minnesota. Feb 2004. Also for “Celebrating Africa Week,” University of Missouri. April 2006

April 1998 Transgender Narratives Panel, Midwest Trans Institute, Minneapolis, MN

“Southern Africa: Stories from the Travellers’ Classroom,” Minnehaha United Methodist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota. April 1996.

“Opposing the ‘New Apartheid’: South Africa’s Treatment Action Campaign and the Struggle for AIDS Treatment Access,” Association of American Geographers, Boston, MA. April 2008.

“Constitution Making in the Rainbow Nation: Sexual Orientation and Democracy in Contemporary South Africa,” Sex/life/politics, Loughborough University, UK. Sept. 2007.

“The ‘Devil Dean’ of Cape Town: Race, Sexuality and the Limits of the Nation in Contemporary South Africa”

“Understanding Thabo Mbeki’s Political Leadership: AIDS in ‘Post-Apartheid’ South Africa”

“Fighting to be Heard: Tensions Among South African Gay and Lesbian Activists and Implications for Post-Apartheid Nation Building”

“Tailoring the Nation: The Place of Homosexuality in Imagining the Nation in Zimbabwe and the New South Africa”

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