Public Speaking

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“Every time Sam speaks, I want to write it down!” –Jane Ramseyer Miller, Artistic Director GALA Choruses

Public speaking is one of my delivery systems for my Medicine in the world. I seek to open people’s minds to perspectives and lived experiences they have not previously encountered and to ignite their imagination, compassion, and commitment to create a more positive collective human experience. I am regarded as a personable speaker, down to earth and known for my openness about my own experience and my animated and passionate speaking style.

As a transsexual, I tend to frequently get asked to speak about transgender issues—from introductory trainings to lectures on trans and intersex health issues to personal explorations of trans embodiment and what I’ve learned about gender from being a transsexual. As someone who lives primarily in the masculine spectrum, I’m very passionate about exploring what healthy masculinities might look like and the role that men might play in gender justice and healing. Since my academic work is on sexuality and gender in South Africa, I regularly speak about AIDS activism and LGBT politics in Africa. And I am a spiritual teacher as well, giving talks on shamanism and social justice from a spiritual perspective, including the role of music in social justice movements.

I have spoken on college campuses in diverse areas all over world, including Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado, South Africa, and England. I’ve delivered keynote addresses at conferences and invited sermons at churches, I’ve led discussions and given lectures at cultural centers, spoken on panels at community forums and performances, and provided trainings to organizations on transgender issues, shamanism, and sexual health. I even spoke to a classroom of 7th graders about contemporary South Africa.  As someone who sees connections that other folks don’t tend to recognize, I am a versatile speaker who brings a fresh perspective to multiple areas of life and able to relate to diverse audiences.

Samples of my work:

On social justice from a spiritual perspective: “Spirituality and Activism in Changing Times” and “Coming Out, Leaving the Tribe, and Living Beyond the Binary

On transgender embodiment: “Eating My Words: A Transsexual Feminist Exploration of Embodiment” and “Living Outside the Gender Binary: Health Concerns and Disparities for Transgender and Intersex People

On living personally and professionally with integrity and from the heart: CU Women’s and Gender Studies Graduation Speech and “How Women’s Studies Lost Its Way and How It Can Regain Its Heart

Click here for prior public speaking engagements.


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