Current Book Projects:

Learning from Polyamory: A Spiritual Seeker’s Guide To Love

Introduction: Learning from Polyamory

My Relationship to Polyamory

Section One:

What is Polyamory? What Polyamory Is Not

Poly Stereotypes

Why Is Polyamory So Threatening?

Section Two:

Cultural Narratives around Marriage and Coupling

Toxic Monogamy

Section Three:

Poly Principles

Poly Skills

New Relationship Stages

Learning from Polyamory: Sex with Men

Gifts of Polyamory

What Helps/What Breaks Trust

Learning from Polyamory: Navigating My Partner’s Explorations

How Polyamory Can Improve A Marriage

Section Four:

Don’t Try This At Home: Common Poly Mistakes

Poly Challenges

Working with Strong Emotions

Working with Strong Emotions Together

Section Five:

Learning from Polyamory: My Soul Twin

Conclusion: What Is Love?


Transgender Wisdom: What I’ve Learned about Gender and Life from Living in the Grey Areas

Chapter One: My Phoenix Journey/Living Between Worlds

Chapter Two: Nobody Wins at the Gender Game

Chapter Three: Time to Evolve

Chapter Four: Evolution Means Change

Chapter Five: Trans People are Here to be Teachers and Leaders


Starting Over: How I Left the Conventional Path to Follow My Heart and How You Can Too

Introduction: Finding My Place in the World

The Leap from the Ivory Tower

Ready and Available to Serve

The Vulnerability of Starting Over

Embracing the Void

Being Tested

Seeds Sprouting



“Conflicts and Intimacies: Rethinking Friendship and Transnational Solidarity.” In Friendship and Social Activism, Niharika Banerjea, Jamie Grant, Rohit Dasgupta, and Debanuj Dasgupta, eds, Seagull Publishers, 2015.

Friendship as Social Justice Activism

“Conflicts and Collaborations: Building Trust in Transnational South Africa.”  With Amanda Swarr.  In Critical Transnational Feminists Praxis, Amanda Lock Swarr and Richa Nagar, eds, SUNY Press, 2010.

Critical Transnational Feminist Praxis

“Negotiating Feminist Futures: Transgender Challenges and Contradictions of a Ph.D. in Feminist Studies.” With Amanda Lock Swarr.  In Feminist Waves, Feminist Generations: Life Stories of Three Generations in the Academy, 1968-1998, Hoku Aikau, Karla Erickson, and Jennifer Pierce, eds, University of Minnesota Press, 2007.

Feminist Waves, Feminist Generations

“Transgendered Feminist Body Issues.” Off Our Backs, November 2004.

Off Our Backs

“Narrative–Sam.” In Abnormal Psychology and Life, Chris Kearney and Tim Trull, eds, Cengage Learning, 2011.

Abnormal Psychology and Life

“Review of Tommy Boys, Lesbian Men and Ancestral Wives: Female Same-Sex Practices in Africa.”  Canadian Journal of African Studies 43(1), 2009.


“Trial By Fire” (as Susie Bullington).  In Out and About Campus: Stories by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender College Students, Kim Howard and Annie Stevens, eds, Alyson Press, 2000.

Out and About Campus

“My Ideal Becoming Real” (as Susie Bullington).  In Looking Queer: Body Image and Identity in the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Communities, Dawn Atkins, ed, Haworth Press, 1999.

Looking Queer, Body Image and Identity in LGBT Communities